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5 things I know about…Photographing People

1 – It’s all in the eyes. If you can, then try to get the eyes in focus. They are the first feature that the viewer looks at.

2 – Chest is best. All too often we leave too much empty space above the person’s head because we put their face in the centre of the frame. By respectfully composing the shot with the subject’s chest in the centre then we can avoid this.

3 – Natural flair. The built-in Flash on most cameras do not produce very flattering images. Natural light (outside or by a window), or even the light from a tablet screen, are often better choices.

4 – Express yourself. It is easy to see through a false smile. Ask the person, especially children, to describe their favourite food or book or movie. The reactions can be great.

5 – In-betweeners. Generally, we photograph people from too far away. It’s good to get close. When we want to incorporate a sense of place and scale, then step away. It can be good to place the person to the left or right of centre.

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