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A Little Light Story

Laurence Sweeney Photography - North East Wedding Photographer - South Causey Inn Wedding Photos - Durham

A Little Light Story by Laurence Sweeney – Newcastle Wedding Photographer

I hope you are all well during this horrible time. Especially for those who were due to get married and are having to re-arrange their Wedding.

 When I am at Wedding Fairs, I always have a chat with couples. I walk through some albums with them to give an insight as to what we do and how we work. I throw in a few laughs along the way. 

As they are about to carry on around the Wedding fair, I tell them a little story, so that they remember me and I can stand out from the rest of the photographers in some way (apart from our great photos obviously!). 

I apologise now, if I have bored you with this already.  Have you ever watched the TV show Vera, the one about the elderly detective based in the North East of England? 

Well, in Series 9 Episode 6, which was called The Seagull, Vera was investigating a murder based around a nightclub in Whitley Bay. 

During the episode, she was worried that her late father might have been implicated in some way due to his connections with dodgy policemen and criminals.

Vera went back to her house on Holy Island and started rummaging through and old box. She was looking for photos of her father with some of his friends and associates back in 1995.

Eventually, she found the photos that she was looking for, which included her father’s shooting licence and a photo of him with his friends. 

Well, that was me! I played Vera’s Dad in Vera!  

It’s a true story, and one that I often employ at weddings, especially with an older generation, many of whom are fans of the show. The reaction is usually positive and helps me to engage with people and end up with more relaxed and happy images. 

It’s often repeated and if you do happen to catch it sometime, watch out for Vera’s Dad! 

Thanks for reading and take care, 

Laurence Sweeney – North East Wedding Photographer

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