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Blog – Looking amazing on your Big Day

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In today’s Blog, we interview Vicky Arnott, who specialises in “Tweakment”. Vicky’s clients include Brides to Be, Mums of the Bride and even Grooms.

Q. What is the background to Visibily Natural Aesthetics?

A. I worked all over the UK as a Matron in the NHS and spent most of my career inn aesthetics and recovery, including reconstructive work for patients. Q. Where are you based? My premises are based in Benton, Newcastle Upon Tyne and I have clients from all over the North East of England.

Q. What are the most popular treatments?

A. Anti-wrinkling injections remain the most popular, then lip fillers and skin care. I call it “Tweakment”.

Q. What differentiates you from your competitors?

A. There are a number of areas including the fact that I am fully qualified, undertake continuous improvement training and my product range is not available online and is of medical grade – they are luxury products. My suppliers choose me to ensure that their brand is protected from a reputational perspective.

Q. Do you treat anybody?

A. The key to my business and ethics is to have a fully comprehensive consultation with my clients before any treatment is undertaken. I get asked by people, young and old, male and female for treatment and I will refuse if I do not believe it is appropriate for them. Honesty and trust are core to my beliefs.

Q. What are your top tips for brides to be?

A. Whether it be the Bride, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom or even the Groom, there are several things to consider, for example, it is best to have a consultation 12 months prior to the wedding. Your skin and body need time to adjust plus we need to identify breakout triggers such as stress. My number one tip is do not leave it too late and be careful not to change your routine within 3 months of the wedding. Treatments should start to take place about 6-9 months prior to the big day.

Q. What is your goal for your business?

A. I would love to have a small chain of MediSpas around the North East.

You can follow Vicky on instragram @VisiblyNaturalAesthetics

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