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Bridal Preparations

Laurence Sweeney Photography | Wedding Photos | Bridal Prep | Newcastle Upon Tyne

Laurence Sweeney – Newcastle Wedding Photographer :

One of the most special parts of a wedding day is getting ready – the Bridal Preparation.

Typically, it will be when the Bride is with the ladies who are closest to her in the world. There will be plenty of nerves, laughter and tears. I usually arrive around two hours before the ceremony, whilst the Hair Stylist and the Make Up Artist are putting the finishing touches to their amazing work.

I find that most Brides normally do not want me there before any Make Up has been applied!When I arrive I will normally say hello to everyone before I take any photos, I do try my best to remember everyone’s names. We will have a quick chat and then when I think it is the right time I will pick up my camera.

Often, I will take shots of objects, jewellery and details, whilst keeping an eye and an ear open for any special moments between people. Usually, everyone becomes comfortable with me being there very quickly and they start to relax.

I always have ask the Bride if she intends to do a “Reveal” to their Bridesmaids. Some do and some don’t.

I keep particular attention to the Mother of the Bride and often I will capture her pride and love of her daughter through her smiles, little looks and tears. These are special moments that will never be repeated. I thoroughly recommend involving your photographer in your Preparations.

Natalie Bridal Preparations

A big thank you to Natalie, who allowed me to use these images from her wedding.If you are still looking for a Wedding Photographer, then please get in touch.

Laurence Sweeney – North East Wedding Photographer

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