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09 Dec 2021

Photography Trends 2022….

One summer about 5 years ago, California, Oregon and Washington State in the USA suffered from ferocious forest fires. The sky was filled with brown smoke and particles. Wedding Photographers noticed that it gave their images a rustic bohemian look and liked it. Since then many of them edit in a style which replicates this look. The danger of doing so is to back yourself in to a corner which may be difficult to extract yourself from should you wish […]

22 Jan 2020
Laurence Sweeney Photography - North East Wedding Photographer - Wedding Photos - Newcastle Upon Tyne - Preparations

Q&A – Lesley Alice Attle – Hair Stylist

In this week’s blog, we interview Lesley Alice Attle, a truly gifted and creative Bridal Hair Stylist based in the North East of England. Laurence : How did you become interested becoming a Hair Stylist? Lesley : I feel like I was born to do bridal hair, I have been obsessed from a very young age! Officially I began an apprenticeship in hairdressing at age 16. Laurence : How long have you been full time? Lesley : This is my […]

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