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The Benefits of having Two Photographers

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It has been a busy few weeks with lots of wedding fairs. We have met lots of lovely couples and quite a good number have booked with us already.

In this blog, we highlight the benefits of having 2 Photographers covering your wedding.

As you may know, at most of our weddings we have two photographers. This would be myself and, usually, my daughter Stacey. We have been shooting together for over 4 years now and have a great understanding of each other.

I thought it would be worthwhile showing in pictorial form some examples of how two photographers can capture your day.

Bridal and Groom Preparations

Normally, I cover Bridal Prep and Stacey covers Groom and the Groomsmen getting ready.  Here are examples from Adam and Heather’s Wedding at Low Wood Bay in the Lakes.

During the Ceremony

I tend to be at the front of the Ceremony and Stacey will be at the back. This is from Jordan and Megan’s wedding at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.

Guests and Family

After the ceremony is a perfect time to capture people congratulating the Bride and Groom and diving into the canapés. Dale and Sophie were surrounded by their friends and family as Stacey and I captured these special moments at South Causey Inn.

Group Shots

Whilst I may be taking the large group shots, Stacey is picking out little moments and conversations amongst the crowd. Here is another example from Dale and Sophie’s Wedding.

Bride and Groom Shots

The below photos were taken at virtually the same time from very different angles. A good example across the lake at David and Catherine’s wedding at Doxford Barns.

Lighting and Gear

Sometimes, we use lighting equipment such as Strobes and Flash, the fact that there are two of us makes it easier to be mobile and expeditious. We don’t like keeping our lovely couples away from their guests for too long (unless they want to!). These two are from Max and Rachael’s wedding in Cheshire, where Stacey is hiding amongst the daffodils and from Will and Kate’s at Slaley Hall where she is stood camera right holding the flash.

I hope the above information has been of use to you. If you are still looking for your Wedding Photographer, please contact us, it would be great to have a chat.

Thank you

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