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Pete and Charlotte Pre-Wedding

I recently met up with Pete and Charlotte down at Roker Beach, Sunderland, UK for a Pre-Wedding Chat and Photoshoot. I am really looking forward to their big day and meeting up with a few people. Charlotte was a bridesmaid at a previous wedding that we photographed. It was so nice of her to choose us again based on her experiences of how we worked and how we got on so well.

Pete and Charlotte Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

This leads me as to why I also include a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot about six weeks before the Wedding Day. Although it is good to chat over Zoom, there are numerous reasons why a face to face meet up is better. First, is to put them at ease. I start off by going for a walk and having a little conversation first, not necessarily about their wedding but about their social life, work and other things. Then I suggest we may have some photos of them walking. I ensure that I keep it light, have lots of interaction and keep them smiling. Later, we may do some stationary poses and again I give tips and we laugh, often at the expense of the groom-to-be but always in good taste.

Pete and Charlotte Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

After the photos, we will have a sit down and I will get out my note book and we will go through their wedding day schedule, ask about parents, grandparents, children, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen. I will explain our plans about arrival, when we will leave, what my second shooter will be doing and, most importantly, ask them if they have any questions or special requests.

By doing a Pre-Wedding Shoot, I am confident that on the day, they will be more comfortable in front of the camera, they will trust me and my colleague, they know that I will do my best to make their day very special and capture everything they expect and more.

Pete and Charlotte Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

I hope this short blog has been useful, if you are getting married and would like to have a Zoom chat with me (no obligation), then please contact me.

Thank you


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