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Photography is Dangerous

4.30am, it’s June 2014. I am surveying the vista before me, it is still dark. There is a platform of rocks stretching out to where I want to set up my camera to capture the sunrise. It will take me about 20 minutes to reach my spot. The tide is on the ebb and I know that I will have plenty of time. The rocks are still wet from the receding tide, so I tread carefully. Unfortunately, what I perceive to be a shallow rock pool turns out to be a deep crevasse between the rocks. I fall with my tripod tucked under my arm, I find it difficult to use my hands to protect me. My side crashes into a rock as I tumble and the pain is immediate. Once I realise the full extent of my injuries, I know that I have to get back to dry land. My sides are screaming. I look around and I know that I am completely alone.

When I recall the events, I realise how lucky I was. Yes, I should have left a message at home to tell my family where I was going. Yes, I know that event the greatest sunrise photograph is not worth it. If I had been knocked unconscious , I may well have been swept out by the incoming tide.

Photography is Dangerous… careful out there!

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