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Photography on the Big Day

Here are 10 top tips for getting the most out of your photography on your wedding day.

1. Don’t keep everyone hanging around….Suggest to the photographer that short sessions of 15 minutes might be better for everyone, with the exception of the bride and groom shots, which should be around 30 minutes.

2. Behind the scenes shots are important too….During the Bridal preparations everyone may be full of nervous anticipation. This is a great opportunity for a good photographer to capture these moments.

3. Make the most of the time before wind, rain and happy-crying take their toll…Brides should encourage their photographer and bridesmaids to allow some time for photos before the ceremony, when everyone looks at their very best.

4. Give some background to sentimental…Let your photographer know if there are any items or details, which are significant from an emotional perspective.

5. Get the poor photographer some backup…Photographers really benefit from having support from one or more of the groomsmen, who can carry a list of any formal shots required and help gather the groups together.

6. Grab some relaxed pics as well as formal portraits…After the formal shots, ask the photographer if he or she can shoot smaller informal shoots of people chatting in groups of 3 or 4.

7. Feel free to add to the creative process…The photographer may have identified a number of set ups and situations for shots, but do not be afraid of making suggestions, often these can be really helpful.

8. Photo time doubles as alone time…Encourage flexibility of itinerary, as time alone with the photographer is often an opportunity to savour the day away from the crowds.

9. Dusk is your friend…The light can be at it’s most flattering and stunning in the 30 minutes before and after sunset – use it.

10. Choreograph your dance moves….Your Photographer will be able to suggest where may be the best spot on the dance floor to start the first dance in order to best capture yourselves, the guests and the lighting.

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