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Johnny and Natalie’s Newcastle Wedding

Johnny and Natalie’s wedding took place during the 2020 restrictions. They married at St John the Baptist Church at Burradon and they were unable to hold a reception, but despite this it was a joyous and enjoyable day. From a photography perspective, we were fortunate to have lots of time to take photos in the afternoon. We visited both Jesmond Dene and Newcastle’s Quayside, where we captured some fabulous photos by the Waterfalls and on the Millennium Bridge.

Stacey and I worked as a team on the day, which always demonstrates the benefit of having two photographers, we captured shots from different angles and can be in two places at once, which is not possible with a single photographer.

Natalie and Johnny were fantastic on the day and we were so honoured to be a small part of it. They commented “Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the photos – you and Stacey have captured everything and more and we’re absolutely thrilled with each and every one of them xx”

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