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Pro or Not?

Laurence Sweeney Photography - North East Wedding Photographer
Couples will often disagree as whether or not they need a Pro Wedding Photographer, surely guests can take lots of photos?
A Flower Girl’s smile, a Mother’s tear, a Proud Father and a Grandma’s Laugh, who will capture those moments.  The number one regret for most couples is not having a professional wedding photographer. Your guests may take fab photos with their mobile phones, but can they anticipate those special moments before they happen, because if the moment has already arrived then it could be too late.
Your guests may want to enjoy the day and have a few drinks, knowing that there is a professional photographer around allows them to relax and be part of the day rather than worrying about having to take photos.
Pro Photographers may be able to offer bespoke packages to cover a much or as little time as you wish them to be there. Good Pro Photographers can create a story of those special moments, which you can look back on in ten year’s time and bring back memories of a fabulous occasion, the stunning bride, the detail in her dress, the colours of her flowers and the love in her husband’s eyes. These candid shots are where a Professional Photographer can really stand out. Have no regrets just wonderful memories.
If you are still thinking about having a Pro Wedding Photographer at your wedding then please contact us, it would be good to have a chat.

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