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Q&A – Lesley Alice Attle – Hair Stylist

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In this week’s blog, we interview Lesley Alice Attle, a truly gifted and creative Bridal Hair Stylist based in the North East of England.

Laurence : How did you become interested becoming a Hair Stylist?

Lesley : I feel like I was born to do bridal hair, I have been obsessed from a very young age! Officially I began an apprenticeship in hairdressing at age 16.

Laurence : How long have you been full time?

Lesley : This is my 4th year of doing bridal hair full time. I feel very lucky.

Laurence : What is the best thing about what you do?

Lesley: Meeting the most amazing people. Also, I love a challenging hairstyle!

Laurence : What advice would you give other Hair Stylists?

Lesley : Be yourself and do things your way if you want to be unique.

Laurence : Which Stylist do you admire the most ?

Lesley : I admire so many stylists, I love Tonya Stylist. She’s amazing.

Laurence : Of anyone in the world, who would you love to be a client?

Lesley : It would have to be Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Laurence : Do you have a most enjoyable client or job experience?

Lesley : This is a really hard question, because I love so many of my clients! So many of them are like friends now.

Laurence : What do you think you will be doing in 5 years time?

Lesley : I hopefully will still be doing bridal hair, offering training courses and making educational videos. 


Laurence : What would be your dream job?

Lesley : Honestly, bridal hairstyling is a dream!

Laurence : Which is your favourite wedding venue? 

Lesley : I have so many favourites for different reasons. The South Causey, Linden Hall, Beamish Hall the list goes on! 

Laurence : What are your Top 3 Tips for Brides to Be?

Lesley : 1) Book your suppliers in asap, 2) Have a vision of what you want and stick to it and 3) remember to enjoy your day.

Laurence : What trends do you predict in Hair Styling?

Lesley : Looks are changing all of the time, we had loads of plates and messy hair last year, but it’s moving to more soft and textured natural looking hairstyles. 

Laurence : Do you have a favourite movie or movies? 

Lesley : I love The Greatest Showman and UP. 

Laurence : Do you have a favourite song or songs?

Lesley : Ohh I have so many songs that I love! The Cardigans “Favourite Game” and the Lighthouse Family “Ocean Drive” have to be up there! 

Laurence : Do you have a favourite book?

Lesley : All of the Harry Potters. 

Laurence : Why do brides chose you?

Lesley : I like to think brides choose me because they like the look of my work, my reviews and recommendations. 

Laurence : Where in the world would you like to work?

Lesley : I have been asked to go to loads of different places but I think America would be amazing! 

Laurence : Do you only do Weddings?

Lesley : At the moment, I only do bridal as I am always fully booked. I love weddings, but also enjoy Occasion Hair Styling too.

Laurence : Anything else?

Lesley : I’ve worked with lots of Photographers and Make Up Artists around the UK and I believe that you should chose someone who has a great personality, naturally talented and puts in lots of effort to make sure their work is amazing. I would like to think that we both fit into that category.

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