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Snappy New Year

Where to start?

I’m sure that many of you will have received or purchased new digital cameras in the recent sales. Whilst the quality of the image produced by Mobile Phones has improved significantly over the past few years, so has the desire to capture great moments and scenes through the means of a Digital Camera. A good way of maintaining interest, and seeing improvement in your photographs would be to set yourself a task. For instance, for 2015 I have set myself a 365 day Project task. I am taking a photograph everyday using a particular method. I am operating the camera in Aperture Mode (A) and dialling in a shallow Depth of Field, which is usually signified by a number ranging from say f1.8 to f36. A shallow depth of field at f1.8 means that my subject will be in focus, whereas the rest of the image will be blurred. By picking up the camera everyday, one becomes more accustomed to it’s commands and dials. If you do take up the challenge then other 365 day project ideas may include Macro (Close Up), Down Low (Ankle Height), Strangers, Buildings, Selfies, Family Portraits and/or Pets. A fun task is to re-compose photographs of friends and family that you may have taken several years ago. The photographic results of the ageing process can be a cruel mirror for some of us.

When I review my old photographs, I know that my biggest weakness was composition. Whether you are using a Mobile Phone or a DLSR, my three top tips for composition would be:-

1. Foreground interest – Particular for landscapes or seascapes. Rocks, flowers, coconuts and people are good examples of foreground interest.

2. Portraits – Keep the subject’s head nearer to the top of the frame rather than have lots of uninteresting space above them.

3. Off Centre – The main subject does not have to be in the centre of the frame. Try experimenting by placing the subject to the left or right of centre.

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