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Social Media

Using Social Media to seize professional photography opportunities

There is no getting away from the power of social media in respect to developing relationships with existing and potential clients. I recently attended a seminar hosted by a major data collation organisation where phrases such as Big Data, Social Intelligence and Social Selling were used as commonly as mobile phones, the Internet and the web.

Every day customers provide insights as their intentions to buy but how easy is it to pick up on these intentions. The smart search engines employ complex tools and algorithms to monitor online activity. On a basic level, see what your potential clients are announcing, which events are they attending, what are their wishes, what are their recommendations. These can be gleaned from Facebook and Twitter. The key is to treat status comments and tweets as potential opportunities.

From a professional photographers perspective, they could be visiting hotels, using restaurants, wedding venues, florists, dress makers, food suppliers and others, all of whom may become potential networking partners. Twenty years ago we hardly knew what the internet was and very few people had mobile phones. There can be a fear that if we are not engaged then we may miss out and get left behind. Despite all of this, the power of such tools are useless unless there is an ability to attain and grow by means of strong personal relationships. Business can be cruel at times, but for every bad story there are ten good ones.

Anyway, on the ever increasing digital social media playing field my photography profiles currently consists of:


Twitter:  LRSPhotography

Facebook:  Laurence Sweeney Photography

Google+:  Laurence Sweeney Photography

500px: Laurence Sweeney


… and in the not too distant future there will be LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype etc… oh what fun!

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