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The Perfect Wedding

Laurence Sweeney Photography - North East Wedding Photographer

The Perfect Wedding

Wedding #1
She stood there in her wedding dress and her father walked into the room. He didn’t say anything but before he took in a deep breath, he wiped away a tear and smiled. Her sister, the chief bridesmaid also cried. After a quick make up re-application they were ready.

The two beautiful young flower girls lead the procession and performed their role wonderfully. The Groom composed himself and he chose to look around as his Bride was about half way down the aisle. Joy abounded amongst the congregation a every row was full at the Norman Abbey. The Monsignor delivered a magnificent sermon and Mendelssohn’s Wedding March was performed by the 12 musicians.

The reception was held in the grounds of a local Country Hall, the teepees and marquee were a perfect setting on a glorious summer’s day. Some guests were entertained by magicians, whilst others took part in complimentary dance lessons and/or wine-tasting sessions. There was a Roulette table, an Open Bar, lawn games, table tennis and quizzes. The nibbles and champagne were first class. The Photographer captured it all.  It was a Perfect Wedding!

Wedding #2
The 22 guests enjoyed the Civic Centre ceremony, the registrar was very funny and then everyone decamped to a local pub, where the couple had booked a side room. It was just close family and a few friends, one of whom had put together a great mix tape of music for the happy couple.

Everyone chatted and there were lots of smiles and laughter as they reminisced about their friendships. It was a beautiful day. The Photographer captured it all. It was a Perfect Wedding!

Ok, so neither of the above weddings are real, but whichever you chose it is about people and fun.

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer to capture your perfect day, then please let us know.

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