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The Perfect Wedding

Did you hear the one about the bride who was 40 minutes late for the wedding (not her fault), or the speeches that went on for two hours, or the guest who inadvertently impersonated an upturned turtle on a wet dance-floor, or the need for a back up electricity generator when the power went off or the bride’s sister being a little worse for wear? Being a wedding photographer, I attend more weddings than the average person, so I have seen quite a range of incidents and can confirm that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding.

It is easy to say just roll with it when things don’t quite go to plan, however please bear in mind that it is usually just a minor hiccup in an otherwise wonderful day. Sure, a couple of the above incidents could have been avoided, but most could not.

Incidentally, the late bride was entirely faultless, her bridesmaids had mixed up their dresses (somehow) and the elongated speeches were a cultural mix up (always worth checking what is the norm for some cultures may be different to others).

Good luck with your Perfect Day…..I am sure it will be (almost).


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