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Videography Lives

Thankfully, the days of a 2 hour wedding video accompanied by an Elton John or Phil Collins soundtrack are over. However, there is a growing demand for quality highlight films which can be shared amongst family and friends. Let’s be honest it may not necessarily be a good thing to hear the same speeches over and over again, but the Bride & Groom and families will regularly watch a 3-5 minute short cinematic film on a Saturday night before Strictly or MOTD (Match of the Day). I find that the MOTBs (Mothers of the Bride) love the short format. Visitors to Youtube or Vimeo will stay with a highlights clip if they know it is just for a few minutes. We currently offer a hybrid highlights film of stills and video, but from 2017 our services will be extended. The plan is to include a Cinematic style shoot (rather than pure Documentary) using multiple cameras. The result will be a 3-5 minute highlights movie with an option for an extended 20 minute film. “I’m ready for my close up, Mr DeMille”.


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