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Wedding Photography – Second Photographer

Laurence Sweeney Photography - North East Wedding Photographer

10 Good Reasons for having 2 Photographers at your Wedding

It is a blizzard out there and so I thought I would use this time to write a blog about the 10 key reasons why I always use a second shooter at weddings.

Your Photographer cannot be in two places at once. A second shooter’s first job is to capture the Groom Preparations, including the details of their suits and accessories plus the humour and usual brotherly bonding that goes on. Couples love to see their partners photographs from before the ceremony.

My second shooter is usually the one who captures the images of the dining room, favours, flowers and other details that have take some much effort to organise and display then it is important to see them beautifully captured on your Wedding Day.

I always have back up gear, but in the worst case scenario of equipment failure, having someone close to hand with a camera then you have a lot less chance of missing something important from your wedding day.

Whilst I am confident that I can convey ideas and suggestions to the wedding party, it helps to have another perspective available to spot something that might work for photographs such as a location or room at the venue.

A very important, but easy one is that it will double the chances of capturing laughter, smiles and tears. Our style of photography usually results in about 25% organised and 75% organic final images and within the organic candids are the magical moments of emotions.

For certain Wedding shots, especially those around sunset, it may involve a couple of cameras, a step ladder, lighting equipment and bags, so any help with carrying gear is very welcome.

In a similar vein, they can be a human light stand. I often take images with “Off Camera Flash”, which means I need to have my flash either on a light stand or someone holding it for me.

Because multiple things happen simultaneously it helps in order to photography the same scene from different perspectives. A couple taking their wedding vows would be a good example

By have two photographers it can reduce the actual time spent on the wedding day organising and taking photos

It would be lovely if more groomsmen could be attentive and help out but sometimes they are otherwise engaged, so my second shooter is often employed with gathering the guests together.

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