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Wedding Planning

Jonny and Katy Proposal- Gateshead

Some thoughts around planning a Wedding by Laurence Sweeney, Newcastle Wedding Photographer

From a Wedding Photography perspective, everything is on hold, but working really closely with couples who are having to re-arrange their big day. I hope you and your loved ones are all well during this difficult time.

My wife is currently stranded in New Zealand, she is safe and healthy, but she really wants to get back as soon as possible. Fingers crossed it will happen soon.

I would be really interested to know your own circumstances. I guess for those of you who have not booked their venue yet, then there will be a case of thinking, do we postpone it until a later date than we had originally planned? Do we have a more intimate wedding? Do we get married abroad?

My guess is that a lot of planning will have been put on hold as we do not know the outcome afterwards. Will some venues close? Will some of the suppliers still be offering services? 

If you have any insights or comments then please let me know.

For those:- 

  • Of you who have recently got married – many congratulations.
  • Who have booked us – thank you, we can’t wait for your big day.
  • Who are still looking for photographers – be great to have a chat.
I do

Thank you and take care,



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