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16 Aug 2020

M&L’s Lockdown Wedding

Michael and Louise decided to go ahead with their lockdown wedding despite a number of restrictions. As a result, they were allowed a maximum of 30 people to attend the ceremony in the Church. Which means that their reception would be postponed until later in the year. This meant that Stacey and I covered a limited amount of the preparation. We captured the ceremony and a few bubble group photos after the ceremony. It was one of the hottest days […]

18 May 2020

Wedding Photography Update

I hope your wedding plans are going well (or as well as can be expected). The Rubik’s Cube of re-scheduling has been interesting, however from a photographer’s perspective it has been relatively straight-forward. We are either already booked or we are available. I really feel for couples who have been looking forward to their big day and are now having to re-arrange everything. So far, we have “lost” 4 weddings which have had to be re-arranged to another date and, […]

13 Apr 2020

A Little Light Story

A Little Light Story I hope you are all well during this horrible time. Especially for those who were due to get married and are having to re-arrange their Wedding.  When I am at Wedding Fairs, I always have a chat with couples. I walk through some albums with them to give an insight as to what we do and how we work. I throw in a few laughs along the way.  As they are about to carry on around […]

07 Apr 2020

Wedding Planning

Some thoughts around planning a Wedding. From a Wedding Photography perspective, everything is on hold, but working really closely with couples who are having to re-arrange their big day. I hope you and your loved ones are all well during this difficult time. My wife is currently stranded in New Zealand, she is safe and healthy, but she really wants to get back as soon as possible. Fingers crossed it will happen soon. I would be really interested to know […]

06 Apr 2020

Wedding Photography and COVID-19

Wedding Photography and COVID-19 Just a few notes, considerations and thoughts on Wedding Photography during this difficult time. As I am sure you know, there is still a lot of uncertainty about a) Postponements, b) Cancellations, c) Venues, d) Registrars and e) Nobody really has any answers at the time of writing. I am liaising with all my couples who are due to get married in March, April and June, and will be contacting those who are getting married later over the […]

13 Mar 2020

Q&A – Charlotte McGaun – Founder of Image Geek

Charlotte McGaun is the founder and owner of Image Geek. Image Geek love to help people improve their image through their own eyes by giving them a helping hand with fitness, food choices and mental wellbeing. Charlotte’s community consists of folks at different stages of their lives with different goals and ambitions. For soon to be Brides and Grooms, it is not all about fitting into your Dress or your Suit, it is about feeling great on your special day! […]

08 Feb 2020

Q&A – Claudia McAusland – Wedding Videographer : Afashionate

In this month’s blog, we interview one of the North East’s best Wedding Videographers, Claudia McAusland the owner of Afashionate. Afashionate document your day by creating a beautiful wedding video and make your memories live on in the exact way that you want them to. Claudia believes that it is your day, and it’s her job to capture it in a way that suits you. She has filmed wedding videos in some top venues in the North East/Northumberland, such as […]

03 Feb 2020

The Benefits of having Two Photographers

It has been a busy few weeks with lots of wedding fairs. We have met lots of lovely couples and quite a good number have booked with us already. In this blog, we highlight the benefits of having 2 Photographers covering your wedding. As you may know, at most of our weddings we have two photographers. This would be myself and, usually, my daughter Stacey. We have been shooting together for over 4 years now and have a great understanding […]

22 Jan 2020

Q&A – Lesley Alice Attle – Hair Stylist

In this week’s blog, we interview Lesley Alice Attle, a truly gifted and creative Bridal Hair Stylist based in the North East of England. Laurence : How did you become interested becoming a Hair Stylist? Lesley : I feel like I was born to do bridal hair, I have been obsessed from a very young age! Officially I began an apprenticeship in hairdressing at age 16. Laurence : How long have you been full time? Lesley : This is my […]

28 Oct 2019

What to look out for in a Wedding Photographer?

There are so many Photographers out there, so choosing one can be a difficult process. Here are a few top tips (and opinions) that may help you to decide. Below is a list of considerations but not necessarily in order of priority or preference:- Price : Photos will be there when after the cake has been eaten, after the flowers have died, after the favours have gone and after the dancing has stopped. I always say to my couples that […]