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Claire and John’s Cameron House Wedding

I was delighted to be asked to photograph John and Claire’s wedding at the stunning Cameron House ( on the banks of Loch Lomond.  The CH team did a great job and did their best to ensure that the day went well. 

A number of John’s family and friends had flown over from South Africa to join the couple in celebrating their special day. Claire was remarkably calm and chilled, and all appeared to be running smoothly.  Claire and the Ladies looked beautiful. Meanwhile, over at the fantastic Carriage Lodge, the Groom and his men were slightly less organised with the odd missing tie and a nervous John. His pals were on hand to lighten the mood and they were keen to pose for the camera, which was ably manned by my assistant, Stacey Sweeney. 

The ceremony was a lovely occasion with much laughter and many smiles. The speeches were full of stories of worry, joy, jokes, railway stations and love. 

For the evening’s entertainment, we all enjoyed the Scottish dancing, although there was a moment when we were unsure whether or not the band were going to arrive in time. Also John managed to half destroy the cake in his attempt at cutting it, but with Claire’s help managed to reconstruct it without problem. 

I would like to that John and Claire for inviting me to be their wedding photographer and to allow me (and my family) to really enjoy their special day. They have a great group of family and friends. 

If you are interested in speaking to me about your wedding photographs, please contact me and I will be happy to chat.        

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-4

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-15

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-7
Claire and John - Web & FB1_-22

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-10  Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-17
Claire and John - Web & FB1_-19

Claire and John - Web & FB1_-24

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-22

Claire and John - Web & FB1_-17

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-23

Claire and John - Web & FB1_-25

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-27

Claire and John - Web & FB1_-26

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-29

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-32

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-33

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-34

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-38

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-42

Claire and John - Web & FB1v2_-43

Cameron House Website

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