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Hate your photo being taken? Top Tip

Laurence Sweeney Photography - North East Wedding Photographer

Anyone whose played a part, Anyone whose had a heart” – Sweet Jane by The Velvet Underground

For many people born in the 2000s and later then the ability to pose into a mobile phone becomes natural (after lots of practice). For those of us who are a little bit older it does not come quite as easy and I would estimate that 75% of people hate having their photo taken.

Comments usually range from feeling awkward to never liking the end result. Now, the next few sentences may sound strange but go with it… Not trying to be gender specific but ladies, who do you admire whether that be in attitude or looks and take on their persona, it could be anyone from Debbie Harry to Audrey Hepburn whose charisma you really like.

I’m not necessarily talking about looks but more about the inner feelings and the image they project. For me, I might chose Clint Eastwood or Marlon Brando, not because I look anything like them but I just like their enigmas and styles, they are quiet, calm, edgy and revengeful. It is about taking on a character, a fictional creation but it is acting rather than being oneself….because I hate having my photo taken.

If you have any questions, please let me know and happy posing:

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