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The Joy of Prints

The Joy of Prints
“The object of Art is to give life a shape” – William Shakespeare
Who remembers floppy discs? They were the equivalent of USBs where you could save your files and photos, unfortunately they became redundant as technology changed. Whilst we cannot predict what will happen to the way we save a view our digital files, one thing is certain – there will be change. It may be possible that our digital photographs will disappear over time, which is why we should print our favourites.
Why should we do this?
1. Prints are tangible and create a centre piece in your home. They are kinaesthetic and can be artful like a painting. They can be held and loved. A series of Photographs, say a triptych, can bring to life moments like a short story.
2. The gift of a printed photograph means so much more than sharing an image. Not everyone is on-line and older friends & family love receiving such gifts. They tell a thousand words.
3. Generations to come will be able to look upon your images, just think of “Who Do You Think You Are” and the importance of photographic portraits.
4. Prints are memories that will survive an IT armageddon. Our parents and grandparents used to write notes and dates on the back of the photos, a little like we comment on social media.
5. Print, hang on a wall and enjoy.
If you have any questions around best quality prints to last a lifetime, please contact me and I will be happy to help,
Kind regards
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One thought on “The Joy of Prints”

  1. Hi,
    wish we had printed lots of our photos, we thought by saving them on a hard drive all photos were safe. They were until we got robbed and had the hard drive taken, so now we have lost all our photos taken over the last 10 plus years which is devastating. You can never replace them. Very sad! Denise

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