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Top Tips for Brides and Grooms

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Brides and Grooms – From the Confetti to the Posing…..

I thought it was a good time to update some of my top tips for Brides and Grooms. As we get into Autumn and Winter, couples are often keen to start preparations for their weddings next year, so here are some of my learnings from the past 12 months.

The Confetti – Some venues and churches do not allow confetti to be thrown (paper/rice), Brides and Grooms why not consider bubbles as an alternative, they look great on photos.

The Speeches – I would recommend that speeches take place before the meal. I often sense that the meal is not enjoyed by the speakers as they cannot relax or that they are too relaxed having disposed of a few glasses of wine during the meal. The Bride’s father for one is often keen to get it over despite the hunger pains, which brings me on to a supplementary suggestion, offer your guests a few snacks if there is a long gap between leaving home and the wedding breakfast.

The Bouquet –  Brides, I notice that the tradition of throwing a bouquet seems to be waining over the years. If you do want a bouquet throw then I would ask your chief bridesmaid to co-ordinate as one of her tasks for the day.

The Groomsmen and Bridesmaids – They are there to help you and they should be willing to do whatever is required to ensure that you have a great day. They should be the Bride and Groom’s eyes and ears and be prepared do everything they can. I see a few who just want to head to the bar, which is fine but ask them nicely to make sure they are attentive to the needs of you and your guests.

The Venue – It is usually the little things that make a difference. If the venue has a wedding co-ordinator they they should be on hand most of the time. As a Wedding Photographer, I am always on the look out for distractions such as litter, equipment, cars parked in the wrong place, etc… Occasionally, I find myself having to raise issues with the co-ordinators when I see something out of place.

The Photographer – Ensure that your photographer has done a recce of the venue if they have not photographed there before. If this is not possible then they should get there earlier on the day to do so. Which Photographer? I am happy to travel anywhere, and I mean anywhere, to photograph a wedding as I love doing them. If I am not available and you are looking for a recommendation then please let me know. I have a wide range of associates and I am confident that I know at least one great photographer in each UK County from Caithness to Cornwall.

The Shoes – Brides, always have a back up pair and plan ahead. I think that foot masseurs would earn a fortune at a wedding!

The Posing – Not many people enjoy posing, but here is a really useful link to practice in front of the mirror.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and if you are still looking for a wedding photographer then please let me know, it would be good to chat.

Here are a few recent testimonials from our clients:-

“From the first moment we met Laurence and Stacey we knew we had made the right decision to choose them for our wedding. They listened to our brief and did not take over the day. The results are fantastic. So friendly and got on so well with all the guests. Totally recommend.” Helen and Pete Croft

“Really great photographer who catches the moment and puts you at ease. Beautiful clear images. Thanks Laurence” Susie Wilton

“If you are looking for an excellent, friendly and professional service then I can highly recommend Laurence. A top class photographer!” Caroline Dixon

“Such a brilliant photographer. So professional, and attentive with a great sense of humour, everything you would want in a photographer for your special day. Could not recommend Laurence Sweeney enough. So excited to have him at our wedding!!” Catherine Tighe

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